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January 9-10                         Hemet Ca                                                                        http://www.socalssa.com/
January 28-29                     Palm Springs Ca                                                          Vicki.Oltean@palmsprings-ca.gov
Feb          8-12                     Po;k County Tournament of Champ.                          www.seniorsoftball.com
Feb           TBA                    Lady Lakes Fl                                                               www.SPAsoftball.com
FEB       11-12                     Hemet Ca                                                                       http://www.socalssa.com/
March      3-5                      Peoria Az                                                                       http://www.seniorgames.org/home.php
April        TBA                    Pensacola Fl.                                                                 www.SPAsoftball.com
April     22 & 23                  Mesquite Nv.                                                                 Connie Stewert Grannysoftball@aol.com
May      6-7                         Palm Springs Ca                                                             Vicki.Oltean@palmsprings-ca.gov
May 20-21                          Simi Valley
June 2-4                            Rock N Reno NV                                                            www.seniorsoftball.com                                       

June       TBA                   Montgomery Al.                                                             www.SPAsoftball.com
June       TBA                    Spokane Washington                                                    www.teamsideline.com/spokanecounty
June       TBA                    Pasadena Senior Games                                              http://www.californiaseniorgames.org/
July        15-16                  Huntington Beach Ca. 7th Annual Chad Hanna Women’s Tournament  RFrankeny@surfcity-hb.org
July        TBA                    Knoxville Tn.                                                                 www.SPAsoftball.com 
July         21-23                 St. Louis Missouri                                                           eteamz.com/stlouisseniorwomenssoftball 
                                                                                                                                 Joann Williams 636-274-6145, 314-607-2317

July       8-9                      San Clemente                                                                  http://www.socalssa.com
July        TBA                   Greensboro, NC                                                              USMASTERSGAMES.COM
August   TBA                   Prescott Az                                                                     http://www.seniorgames.org/Home.php
August   TBA                   Glen Burnie MD                                                              www.SPAsoftball.com
Auguat   TBA                  Cullman Al.                                                                      www.Spasoftball.com
Sept        9-10                  Hemet Ca. http://www.socalssa.com/                           https://sdseniorgames.org/
Sept       TBA                   San Diego Ca                                                                  
Sept       TBA                   Las Vegas World Masters                                             www.seniorsoftball.com
Sept       TBA                   Dalton Ga.                                                                       www.SPAsoftball.com
Nov        TBA                   Cullman Al.                                                                       www.SPAsoftball.com
Nov       TBA                   Hemet Ca.                                                                        http://www.socalssa.com/
Nov       TBA                   Phoenix Az                                                                      www.seniorsoftball.com
Dec       TBA                   Huntington Beach Ca. Toys 4 Tots                              Shelly Dain 714-724-4079

NOTE:  All dates are subject to change. 
Please confirm dates with tournament provider.

If you know of any upcoming tournament for 2017please add them to the guest book and we will get them posted

2017 National Senior Games June 2-15 2017 Birmingham Alabama
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For additional tournament details please contact Judy Lee Schreiber (Spa National Women`s Director) 615-822-3351 or 615-714-6504  email spajudylee@msn.com.   SPA 405-376-7034 fax 405-376-7035
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